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*Can i join??*

.Name- Judy Lee
Location- leeds, england
Interests- oooh shopping….going to gigs  but my parents are trying to ban me…..music..dancing
Favorite Bands- yellowcard, the ataris, three days grace, hell is for heroes
Favorite Singers- hmm…brandon boyd not just because he’s uber hot
Favorite Movies- the ring….underworld and finding nemo- it rulez
Favorite Books- child called it and lost boy. I didn’t like man named dave that much
Where did you hear of our community?- by chance ^_^

Now let's get deep.

-Where do you see yourself in 10 years? At uni or in a job- hopefully one in music or selling luxury cars
-If you had no limits to what you could do and how you would spend you're time, what would you be doing? Shopping and being with my friends more
-Where is the love? In a box
-If you could change two things about yourself what would they be and why? My acne…I have too many spots! The way I bruise reli easily cuz it just nasty
-Is winning everything? No, itz the boastin about how u won….no im j/k itz the takin part
-When was the last time you stood up for something you believed in and why? A couple of weeks ago. Some idiot was being racist so I had to put him in his place
-Politics and Religion...Where do you stand? Don’t ask me

.Bunch o' stuff.

-If you could meet any celebrity who would it be and why? Jackie chan so I could tell him how cool he is and that ive watched all his films…well tried to >_<
-What is your biggest pet peeve? Snobs and scallys
-What is your secret fetish? I have lots of piggy bank type things
-Something completely random...go! my tongue hurts and I have a painful spot on my face x_X 
-You're cruising in a car with all your best friends, the musics blasting and the windows are down, whats playing and what are you doing? Something by eminem and we’re doing a drive-by and pimpin
-If you could fly where would you go and why? Back to
because it was absolutely gorgeous there and I want to have a burger I had there when I stayied in a hotel
-Superman, Batman, Spiderman or Catwomen? Catwomen, im always growling but that’s more tiger then cat >_<
-Spongebob or Patrick neither…GARY rules the show
-Coke or Pepsi….coke

.And the extras.

-Something else you'd like to share about yourself….im been going out with my b/f for 9 months today ^_^

-The quote you live by…..life is like a dick, when it gets hard fuck it  

-And a picture...
-oh...and gimme an interest to add to the interests list…grrr

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